About Lincoln Strategy Group

Lincoln Strategy Group is a full-service political strategy and public affairs management firm with expertise in developing messages that win votes and sway opinion. The combined insight of the firm’s accomplished team members provides clients with the skill set necessary to accomplish their goals, regardless of industry.

Our ranks include two former Republican Party Executive Directors and veterans of many political campaigns. Lincoln’s work has served over 1,000 campaign clients across all 50 states and three continents.  More recently, Lincoln Strategy Group has begun to lend its knowledge and expertise overseas, expanding to serve organizations and launch campaigns in 14 countries including France, Germany, Italy, England and Scotland, among others. Lincoln Strategy Group is proud to operate in multiple time zones to get the job done. Experience cannot be learned and Lincoln has offered critical resource in a wide variety of political campaigns both domestically and internationally. This includes projects with the Republican National Committee, as well as statewide and Congressional campaigns. We offer strategic research solutions to help political professionals amass the necessary information to move on the most important voter issues.

Our company is particularly adept at grassroots management, organizing tens of thousands of volunteer contacts to build a network to deliver results. Beyond campaign strategy, Lincoln is proficient at lobbying government at all levels, providing clients the level access needed to directly impact public policy. Lincoln Strategy Group also offers media advice. An in-house communications team can deftly interact with media on clients’ behalves in any situation, whether the scenario call for crisis management, long-term planning or anything in between. Lincoln Strategy Group’s know-how and positive press relationships mean clients are able to get the right message to the right people right on time. Lincoln Strategy Group also offers resources to meet clients’ voter identification, “Get-Out-The-Vote,” ballot access, voter contact, and communication needs.

At Lincoln Strategy Group, we also believe we have a fundamental responsibility to help clients and communities address their many social challenges. Lincoln uses its expertise and relationships to make a positive impact in lives around the world. While philanthropic deeds and giving back are important, Lincoln Strategy Group focuses heavily on Corporate Social Responsibility, making it a primary focus of the business at large. 

Lincoln Strategy Group supports a number of causes and organizations, especially those that are committed to improving education or serving children, including the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC), the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, New Empowerment for Refugees, Cortney’s Place, Principal for a Day, DonorsChoose.org, and many more. In this way, Lincoln Strategy Group hopes to bring the same level of advocacy to these causes that they do to their clients’ campaigns.

Recently, members of Lincoln Strategy Group participated in a “principal for a day” program at Loma Linda Elementary School and Larry C. Kennedy School, which are both located in Phoenix, Arizona. Meghan Cox, a co-founder of the firm and its principal, described the experience as “eye-opening,” and she commented on the school’s incredible accomplishments by improving the quality of education and services available to students—and how well students had received them.

“I was blown away by their positive and innovating approach with students,” said Cox.  “Larry C. Kennedy had even done away with detention in favor of focusing on mindfulness.”

Lincoln Strategy Group was founded by Nathan Sproul, the Managing Director. Meghan Cox serves as a Co-Founder and Principal, Chuck Coolidge holds a Principal position, and Dan Centinello is Lincoln’s Executive Vice President. Click here to learn more.

Lincoln Strategy Group understands and appreciates the importance of giving back to the community.

Lincoln Strategy Group’s International Work

More recently, Lincoln Strategy Group has expanded its international footprint to lend its knowledge and expertise overseas to serve additional clients in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, England and Scotland, among others.