Since 1988, Phoenix Suns Charities—the Phoenix Suns basketball team’s philanthropic arm—has worked to benefit organizations that assist Arizona’s youth and families. A passion project of Phoenix Suns founding Chairman and CEO Jerry Colangelo, Phoenix Suns Charities began as an assembly of local leaders seeking partnership with nonprofit groups to advance the team’s mission of improving community living standards.

Over the years, the philanthropic reach of Phoenix Suns Charities has grown steadily. Thanks to the generosity of fans and sponsors, the organization has distributed over 18 million dollars to date in funding to hundreds of Arizona’s charitable institutions, children’s groups, and educational nonprofits.  

Donations are raised throughout the NBA season, during which Phoenix Suns Charities holds a variety of unique events, giving campaigns, game night auctions, and special projects. This year, Lincoln Strategy Group lent its support to the Phoenix Suns Charities when it purchased ten tickets to the Suns’ SLAM DUNK Street Party. Nathan Sproul, cofounder and managing director of Lincoln Strategy Group—and a longtime Suns fan—expressed his company’s admiration for Phoenix Suns Charities’ mission:

“Lincoln Strategy Group has long supported the Suns Charities. We believe that organizations need to be responsible members of their community, and the Suns clearly share that principle; each year, they’re able to distribute over one million dollars to worthy charities and organizations across Arizona and offer scholarships for local students. It’s a privilege for us to stand up for children and families in our state alongside our favorite team.”

In 2012, a coalition of 88 professionals dedicated to bettering their community formed the Suns Charities 88 group. The group provides opportunities for networking among like-minded peers, and aids in the personal and professional development of its members. Under the banner of Phoenix Suns Charities, Suns 88 members work together to promote philanthropic efforts in the greater Phoenix area.

Megan Cox—cofounder and partner at Lincoln Strategy Group, and Suns 88 member—recently helped build a playground as part of a Suns-sponsored volunteer project. Of her experience with the organization, Cox said the following:

“Pros like the Suns understand that anything worth doing is worth doing as a team, which is why the Suns Charities are such strong supporters of dozens of nonprofits across the state. It makes me especially proud, as a Suns 88 member myself, to know that the organization is so invested in the community. Giving back with the Suns is an incredible opportunity, and whether it’s volunteering to build a playground or helping them to raise funds, I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.”