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At Lincoln Strategy Group, we emphasize a collection of core values that help us do our work to the best of our ability. Some of these values are obvious: leadership, a forward thinking mentality, relationship building and political mindedness. Other characteristics aren’t necessarily so obvious, and are often forgotten or disregarded by businesses as a whole. Traits like courage in the face of adversity, a willingness to overcome obstacles, determination, and of course, a sense of joy and compassion in everyday life are unequivocally important to success. 

If you’re looking for those values, look no further than Cortney’s Place in Scottsdale, Arizona. Cortney’s Place was created by the Carpenter family, Jim, Cindy, Cortney and Chelsea, and exists to further the education and skills of the physically and mentally handicapped. They provide not only skill building programs such as personal care and money management, but also various therapy programs including (but certainly not limited to) pet, hydro and music therapy.

Corney’s Place is an organization that we love at Lincoln Strategy not only because of the mission and the cause that the 501 c3 supports, but also because of the people involved from the top of the organizational ladder to those receiving the support.

Those who are receiving support–adults with special needs–are an often-disregarded or non-prioritized group of people in today’s society. Emphasized by years of grade-school life and career skills building for children and young adults with special needs, the in-place support systems for adults was an area that was particularly lacking. The members of the staff and board of Cortney’s Place, including founders Cindy and Jim Carpenter, recognized the need for post-graduate programming and care for those with special needs, and Cortney’s Place was born.

Each student receives individualized service plans developed and laid out by Cortney’s Place that will help them improve their social, life, daily living, motor and sensory skills. Because of the individualization, no two students will experience Cortney’s Place the exact same way, as the skills-development and programming will be tailored to the student him or herself.

What sets Cortney’s Place apart from other similar day programs isn’t just the age group or the interesting programming, though, it’s the mentality. “Cortney’s Place is Raising the Bar on how Day Programs operate,” reads the Cortney’s Place website. “We encourage each and every student to reach their full potential.”