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After 16 tireless weeks of practicing lines, rehearsing songs and perfecting costumes and choreography, Detour Company Theatre is prepared to put on its first show of 2017. On January 6, 7, and 8, the members will show off their acting chops, putting on a free rendition of Beauty and the Beast at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

On the surface, Detour’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast is the retelling of the classic Disney movie adapted for the stage–a show about inner beauty, love, and individuality. But the real power, beauty and love of Detour Company Theatre’s rendition doesn’t originate in the story, but in the production.

The members of the production aren’t your run of the mill actors–the theatre troupe was created specifically for developmentally disabled adults. Those with Autism, Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy who have caught the acting bug have found a home at Detour Company Theatre, allowing themselves to become the performers they’ve dreamt of being while keeping their audiences thoroughly entertained.

Meghan Cox, co-founder and principal at Lincoln Strategy Group has taken on an active role within Detour Company Theatre, recently assuming the role of President of the board. According to Cox, the performances are, from top to bottom, the “real deal.”


Photo: Detour Company Theatre

Each production has a cast of 50 actors who sing and dance live with a full band,” she said. “We have a full costume department who custom makes each costume (multiple) per actor.” And the magic of the shows doesn’t end there–the actors are allowed to realize their full potential, blossoming and transforming under an excellent array of coaches and volunteers to ultimately learn to grasp their love of acting.

Detour has done an excellent job of proving the idea that anyone–no matter who you are–can act. Casting disabilities aside, the shows put on twice a year by Detour exemplify what it means to be a performer, putting inclusively and an open-door policy on a pedestal. If you don’t believe us, come see for yourself this weekend.


Tickets are first-come, first served, and come at no cost, though donations to Detour are appreciated. Click here to visit the event page and learn more, or visit Detour Company Theatre’s website here to learn more about the organization and how you can help.