Lincoln Strategy Group CSR

The importance of corporate social responsibility– to the world, the community and the businesses themselves–can not be understated. More and more businesses are beginning to not only embrace CSR practices, but prioritize them, and the benefits have been palpable.

Here are a few companies who exemplify CSR best practices and how they’ve benefitted from them.


Reputation Institute has ranked the search engine giant number one in its list of the best global socially responsible organizations in both 2014 and 2015, claiming that it leads by a “significant margin.” Forbes Magazine also places Google high in its own rankings, putting Google number two in its 2016 list of the most responsible organizations. Google’s carbon neutral status since 2007 has helped boost its status, as has its plan of being 100% renewable by next year.


Forbes’ number one most socially responsible company, Microsoft has a reputation that matches its international notoriety and enormous profits. One of the tech magnate’s biggest socially responsible endeavors involves the increased hiring of women both company-wide and in positions of leadership. On top of that, Microsoft has put prioritization on green initiatives, dialing back carbon emissions and power usage in recent years.


Most people likely don’t think of social responsibility when they think of vehicle makers, but BMW has consistently outperformed the competition when it comes to social responsibility. Coming in number three on FrontStream’s list of the best CSR organizations, BMW can credit its education and intercultural company-wide initiatives and programs with its strong standing.


The Walt Disney Company has long been one of the world’s most socially responsible organizations, showing that the company is more than capable of benefitting both children and the community. From top to bottom, Disney has put a priority on CSR with programs like huge volunteering initiatives, their consumer-first mindset and animal rights and conservation efforts.


The organization that made the bricks that you used to build colorful houses in your childhood is using its platform to build strong, socially responsible initiatives worldwide. Corporate transparency has been a priority of LEGO, allowing them to operate in the public eye and opening themselves to scrutiny. Fortunately, there has been relatively little, as LEGO has continuously been named one of the best CSR orgs worldwide.