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Most big businesses can attribute their success to the fact that they not only know what their target audience wants, but are able to provide it for them. Instead of only focusing on giving and expecting something in return, be it money or brand loyalty, businesses should also devote some of their resources to giving with the expectation of receiving absolutely nothing in return. Lincoln Strategy Group wants to help you realize the many benefits of corporate philanthropy.

Form a Stronger Connection With Your Employees

Your employees likely do a bit of giving of their own outside of the office. When you find out which charities your employees support and offer to support them as well, you show your employees you’re more than just a source of a paycheck. This, in turn, helps bolster employee productivity, retention and loyalty.

Improve Your Reputation

When major companies focus on local charities and organizations in need of help and donate to them, the action helps cement a positive reputation with the local community. In addition to feeling good about helping out locally, you can also boost your brand’s visibility, which can result in a boost in business as well as more loyal advocates for your company. This is sure to build into a powerful asset in the future.

Free Marketing

In addition to learning which organizations and charities your employees support, you can also learn which your clients and business partners prefer to give to. Showing your philanthropic spirit to the same charities makes for great cause marketing, which translates to positive (and free) marketing. In addition to strengthening your professional relationships, you can attract additional companies and partners who are looking to work with charitable businesses like yours.

Just as there are several charities, there are several ways to support those charities. Recognize the fact that your business has just as much to gain as it does to give by participating in corporate philanthropy.