America’s future rests with its children, but for millions of kids, their own futures may seem bleak. 13 million children in the United States suffer from food insecurity, 1.7 million have spent at least one night of homelessness, and millions more are victims of abuse, neglect, and other traumas—the effects of which may follow them for the rest of their lives.

Although the task of uplifting all of these children is a daunting one, in Boston, an organization has been on the front lines of this fight for over 200 years: With roots that stretch back to 1799, the Home for Little Wanderers has been an unparalleled advocate for vulnerable children and families through a wide range of educational, social, therapeutic, and other programs. Today, Lincoln Strategy Group is proud to support the Home’s efforts through a donation of furniture.

During our trip to Boston for the National Conference of State Legislatures Summit last month, members of our team visited the Home’s facility. They were so moved by the organization’s good work that they pledged to donate furniture from Lincoln’s own office to help support the essential program offered at the Home.

On an average school day, the Home serves more than 100 breakfasts, 100 lunches, and 100 dinners; provides 93 hours of therapy through Boston Public Schools, teaches 108 students at their Special Education schools, and more. This is in addition to the other “open door” programs they offer to children from birth to the age of 22, such as family counseling, therapy and mental health services—including full neuropsychological screenings and medical evaluations—family and child skills development, behavioral stabilization, housing assistance, and much more. In a year, they make a positive impact in more than 7,000 lives.

No child deserves to go to bed feeling hungry or alone or afraid. They also deserve to know that people are ready and eager to care for them so that their futures stay bright. That’s why Lincoln Strategy Group is thrilled to support the Home for Little Wanderers and all of their incredible work to create strong families and strong lives.