Lincoln Strategy Group Corporate Transparency


Some people see transparency as no more than a buzzword. In reality, it is a key factor in developing more effective corporate social responsibility. Social responsibility should be prioritized by any organization seeking to foster a better public image. Building a dependable reputation is valuable in itself, but there are plenty of benefits that come along with it.

Advantages of Being Transparent

When employees and customers can see how an organization operates, they gain respect for the organization. Transparency also develops trust. Showing the public that your business has nothing to hide demonstrates integrity. This is especially helpful when your business operations involve open communication through your publicity department. Transparent communications can also increase staff loyalty, morale, and job satisfaction.

How Businesses Can Be More Transparent

There are several examples of how organizations are starting to embrace transparency, like:

  • Holding town halls for staff to review progress and opportunities.
  • Releasing salary information to the public.
  • Posting behind-the-scenes videos of daily operations to social media.
  • Informing consumers about changes in policies, prices, and products and consider rolling out changes in phases.

Remember Transparency Starts Internally

While focusing on informing consumers is important don’t neglect how crucial it is to be transparent with employees. If people in your company don’t wholeheartedly believe you are transparent, then they will face hurdles while trying to portray transparency to the public. When your employees are informed and satisfied, they are better equipped to represent your company well.

Implement Transparency Now

Anytime is good to make more efforts to be transparent. Many companies don’t prioritize transparency until a scandal emerges. Don’t wait for the public to lose trust in your organization to start making transparency a priority. Improve your public image, increase employee satisfaction, and earn consumer trust by being open and accountable.