Engaging in corporate philanthropy is something that every business, large and small, for-profit and nonprofit, can do if they have the chance. The benefits outside of the organization are obvious–your time, money and efforts are going to a good cause, helping those in need live a better and more fulfilled life than they would without outside aid. The benefits to the organization don’t lag far behind either.

Depending on where you fall within your organization’s hierarchy, there is a multitude of ways to help get involved from the top to the bottom.


The Business–Matching Donations

A simple and effective way to encourage employees to give to charitable causes is by offering matching donations. Tech giant Apple is known for its generous donation matching program, in which it matches all employees’ gifts up to $10,000 annually to charities. By implementing a matching donations policy at your workplace, employees will be further encouraged to donate, and the charities will receive even more donations!


Upper Management–Organize An Event/Incentivize

Incentivizing volunteering and donations is a great way to make sure your employees get involved. Giving teams time off to donate, or allowing them to accrue PTO by volunteering at a charity or local benefit is a great way to get employees on their feet and out improving the world. Additionally, employees will be incentivizing them to stay longer! Employees who work for a company they believe is attached to a greater cause–meaning giving to a charity–are more inclined to stay with that employer for longer.


Everyone–Give What You Can

It’s been shown in the past that giving makes people happier. If you’re someone without much “pull” within a company (i.e., a lower level or entry-level employee), take it upon yourself to organize a smaller event like a canned food drive, clothing drive or small donation collection towards a local charity. These activities, while seemingly small, can be organized almost on the fly with little planning, and have a huge effect on the organization you choose to benefit! Even smalls acts like these set good examples that others have the opportunity to follow–one charitable act could blossom into a string of good deeds by everyone in the company.