One out of every 68 children in the United States lives with an autism-spectrum disorder. There is still much that doctors and scientists don’t understand about this condition, but thankfully for the individuals and the families it affects, there are myriad organizations that provide invaluable support. At Lincoln Strategy Group, one of these organizations is very near and dear to us: the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC).

Established in 1997, SARRC is an internationally-recognized nonprofit organization that focuses on autism research, education, evidence-based treatment, and community outreach. It is one of the only autism-centric organizations in the world that offers lifetime services for individuals and their families while at the same time conducting cutting-edge research.


Supporting SARRC

Several members of the Lincoln Strategy team have family members and friends with autism, so this cause is close to all of our hearts. That’s why LSG is proud to support SARRC and the good work that it does, and we were thrilled to spend this year’s National Philanthropy Day touring its facilities and learning about all of the wonderful—and life-changing—programs that it offers to men, women, and children on the autism spectrum.

On Nov. 15, a majority of the staff from our Arizona headquarters traveled to SARRC’s campus in Phoenix. Our tour began with information on autism, like the staggering statistic that there are more cases of autism diagnosed in the U.S. than AIDS, cancer, and diabetes—combined.

The tour gave us an incredible opportunity to learn more about SARRC’s programming. The JumpStart program, for example, provides parents of children recently diagnosed with autism with information, advice, and training through a series of in-person or online courses. SARRC also offers a preschool program that integrates autistic and neurotypical children: This benefits students with autism since it allows them to experience school in a mainstreamed environment, while the neurotypical students develop more tolerant, empathetic attitudes.

Uniquely, SARRC is one of few autism centers that provides support for teenagers and adults with autism and works with them to find internship and employment opportunities.

Although our tour only lasted an hour, LSG’s partnership with SARRC is nowhere close to winding down. We’re proud to support SARRC as it works tirelessly to answer questions while seeking to better aid and serve people with autism spectrum disorders and their families.