Lincoln Strategy Cares

Smartphones and smartphone technology have changed the way we communicate, do business, shop and work. Now they’re also changing the way we give to charities and help organizations through special apps like GoFundMe and IndieGoGo. What’s more is there are some apps that work without you having to spend anything at all. Lincoln Strategy Group is here to teach you a few things about being charitable in the digital age.

Running in Charitable Circles

Runners now have a way to indulge their philanthropic spirits while getting their exercise in. The Charity Miles app matches the number of miles you run with a charitable donation. While donations only range from 10 to 25 cents, it all adds up, and it serves as motivation to keep going

Selfies for a Cause

Johnson & Johnson is making it worth your while to pull your phone out and snap a pic of a particularly poignant moment. Donate a Photo is an app that lets you donate a single photograph a day and in turn donates $1 to a charity of your choice. Giving at least $365 a year has never been easier.


GoFundMe is a personal fundraising platform designed for organizations, groups and individuals. Users create a fundraising campaign and share it with family and friends, who can share it with their family and friends. Donations are made on phones as well as via PCs. Those who set up a campaign aren’t penalized for missing a goal, and they get to keep every donation they receive.

Check-In to Charity

If you like to check into places for apps like Foursquare, you can do so for a good cause. Check-in for Good works with participating businesses to raise money for charities whenever users check-in to those businesses or specific donation spots.

Your smartphone addiction can now become a philanthropic addiction. Instead of pulling out your wallet to give, you can now pull out your phone.