As you prepare to begin holiday shopping and present planning, it is important to remember that there are many who could benefit from some generosity. Traditionally, charities receive the majority of donations during the holiday season because it is a great time to give back to your community. Charitable gifts are not just good for humanity but can also benefit your organization.


Good for Business

While acts of philanthropy do not lead to direct financial gain, that does not mean there are no rewards. One positive of giving back is improving the community and the company’s image. By making the community a better place to live, your organization will also attract consumers and employees who appreciate socially-conscious businesses.

Additionally, most employees will gain more respect for their employer because it showcases good morale. All employees need motivation, and good morale is essential for any successful business, so charitable contributions may be a great way to bolster the company’s productivity.

Furthermore, as we all know, networking is essential in today’s business world. Your network consists of all the people you know, and philanthropy will give you the chance to meet more individuals. You never know who may be able to help your organization grow.


How to Get Involved

There are so many ways to get involved with holiday philanthropy! Whether your organization can volunteer or donate, any philanthropic involvement is beneficial.

Not all families can have a wonderful holiday because unfortunately, not everyone is in a stable economic state. However, many nonprofits can match your company with a family in need, and you will be able to provide the family with holiday presents and food.

If your organization can offer a monetary contribution, the American Red Cross has excellent ways to help others. Lincoln Strategy Group has supported the American Red Cross in previous holiday seasons because the organization provides opportunities such as contributing the funds for child vaccinations, purchasing phone cards for troops, and many more. Toys for Tots is another incredible organization that collects gifts for children in need.

Keep in mind that not all organizations can give a monetary donation, but there are still ways to give back. Philanthropy does not just have to involve spending money. Donating time can be just as, or even more, valuable than money.

One way to give back is visiting a senior. Unfortunately, many senior citizens have to spend their holidays in a nursing home, and some may not have the family to visit them. Bringing a sense of family to those without one can have a significant impact on someone’s life. Volunteering at a nursing home, singing holiday carols or sending holiday cards are great ways to brighten a senior’s day. Additionally, helping at food banks is another great volunteer opportunity during the holidays. Some food banks will host holiday meals throughout the end of the year and are always looking for volunteers to help serve the community.


LSG Giving Back

Lincoln Strategy Group found two great ways to help others this holiday season. LSG chose to adopt a family through St. Vincent de Paul: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. The Church provided LSG with a medium sized family (5-6 people) in the Tempe area. LSG was given the ages, sizes, and wish lists of the children and what the family prefers for Christmas dinner. What is great about adopting a family through St. Vincent de Paul is that LSG can communicate with the family, instead of being anonymous. LSG will drop off Christmas dinner and gifts on December 23, and be able to see their giving in action! The team at LSG loves working so closely with a family to provide holiday cheer.

Additionally, LSG volunteered their time to wrap presents at Nordstrom. This event supports Cortney’s Place, a nonprofit that aims to help adults with special needs in Scottsdale, Arizona. One hundred percent of donations from the event goes back to Cortney’s Place. LSG loves giving back both with monetary donations as well as giving their time to benefit their community.


‘Tis the season to be jolly — and generous. During this holiday season, do not forget about those in need. Participating in holiday philanthropy not only helps the community, but it also can benefit your organization.