Lincoln Strategy group with the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

Lincoln Strategy group with the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

As a leading political consulting firm, we recognize that politics is a vehicle to channel the shared energies of every man and woman across the country and move us all forward. This drive to build a better world through mutual effort isn’t limited to politics, however. At Lincoln Strategy Group, we feel a deep-seated sense of obligation to our community, and we strive constantly to fulfill this duty to society both as a company and as individuals.

Although we are a boutique sized firm of just 18 domestic employees, we are proud to leave an outsized impact on our community and nation thanks to the treasures, talent, and time that we contribute to a myriad of organizations and causes.

Our treasures – financial contributions we make on behalf of the firm to philanthropic or service organizations – represent a key pillar of our community involvement. In the past year alone, we have donated thousands of dollars to various local and national organizations, including the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC), the Phoenix Suns Charities, Cortney’s Place, Red Cross, and others. Beyond writing checks, Lincoln also donated Christmas gifts and groceries to a local family we adopted during the holiday season through St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Phoenix and furniture to Boston’s Home for Little Wanderers.

The astounding element of our community engagement, however, comes in the form of the talent and time our staff dedicates to worthy causes outside of the office. Our 18 domestic employees sit on a combined six nonprofit boards of local and national organizations, including several who hold officer positions. Many also volunteer at various schools and churches, serve as advisors in support of women’s education and empowerment, or simply volunteer their time to specific initiatives around the Greater Phoenix area. We are proud that our employees internalize Lincoln’s values of service in their personal lives and seek out ways that they can strengthen the community on their own time.

Many of these engagements allow our employees to draw on their professional skills and apply them toward issues near and dear to their hearts. For example, Ulrico Izaguirre – our Executive Vice President of Public Affairs – is a national board member of Mi Familia Vota, so he utilizes his political expertise in support of the organization’s mission of Latino voter outreach. Or, Chuck Coolidge – a Principal at our firm, volunteers his political expertise abroad for a non-profit foundation for secondary education in Turkmenistan to teach these budding democracies how to run successful campaigns. Other causes supported by Lincoln Strategy staff include youth intervention, refugee resettlement, art, educational access both at home and around the world, autism research and resources, and more.

Perhaps no one at Lincoln Strategy exemplifies this personal commitment to service more than our Co-founder and Principal, Meghan Cox. She holds positions on numerous boards, including the Board of Directors of Valley Leadership in Phoenix, the National Board of Governors of the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Foundation, and as Vice President of the Detour Company Theatre Board of Directors. She is also a member of Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College Alumni Council and Phoenix Suns Charities 88 as well as a scholastics advisor at ASU and an Arizona Women’s Education and Empowerment Advisor.

In addition, Meghan, along with Lisa Mascaro, a project manager at the firm, invest time and expertise with inner city schools where they participate in Phoenix’s “Principal for a Day” program. Here, they build relationships with teachers and staff and share business best practices to help benefit the educational world.

Many at Lincoln are also regular volunteers at Cortney’s Place, a day-school program for adults who live with special needs, SARRC an autism research and resource center, and New Empowerment Refugees, where employees help refugees find housing and learn English. The entire Lincoln team’s dedication to service is unparalleled and continues to inspire the local community of what can be done when the power of serving and giving is practiced at full measure.

Although Lincoln is a boutique sized firm, our contributions of treasures, talents and time make our impact on the community we call home and the causes that animate our staff spectacular. All 18 of our employees find their own unique way to give back and leave the world a better place. We’re honored to work with a group of men and women that share such a passion for caring and service.