In the wake of Harvey, Irma, and Maria – three hurricanes that wreaked havoc on thousands of people, there are many charitable organizations that have been leading the way in providing relief and support to all those affected by the storms. Lincoln Strategy Group has been proud to support those efforts by donating to the Red Cross, but there are a number of organizations working around the clock to ensure aid gets to those in need. According to Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that rates charities for their efficacy and transparency, here are some of the best organizations making efforts to relieve the suffering of hurricane victims:


SBP, or the St. Bernards Project, was founded in 2006 after the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina. Working out of a small community in New Orleans, SBP works diligently to rebuild homes, advocate for recovery strategies, and give advice to policymakers, home and business owners on how to stay resilient during these tough times following a natural disaster.

Brother’s Brother Foundation

Founded in 1948 and based in the Pittsburgh area, the Brother’s Brother Foundation has been an international charity which has provided over four billion dollars in medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, textbooks, food, seeds, and other humanitarian necessities to people all over the world in 149 countries.

Samaritan’s Purse

This non-denominational Christian organization seeks to provide physical and spiritual healing to victims of natural disasters. Samaritan’s Purse focuses primarily on victims of war, poverty, and natural disasters.

Heart to Heart International

Heart to Heart is another humanitarian organization that provides aid to millions of people in more than sixty countries as well as the United States every year. They are based in Kansas and work effortlessly to enlist the help of volunteers to work with other local organizations to make great impacts on the communities they serve.

There are also many ways that you can help further the efforts of organizations such as the ones we’ve listed. One of the easiest ways to help is by simply donating to the nonprofit of your choice. Every donation counts.. There are also a number of food banks in the various areas where you can donate food if you are unable to donate money. Finding charity events in your area is another great way to provide support.